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A word about our competitors and Chinese-made string wound filters

We performed quite a lengthy investigation concerning competition in the string wound filter manufacturing segment and here’s what we have found:

»U.S. name brands such as Culligan, GE, Pentair/Pentek, Pall, Watts, American Plumber, (and other) filters are actually being produced by a Chinese company or companies. It appears that these U.S. companies are labeling these filters with their own U.S. brand name, but actually selling Chinese filters.

»One filter brand had an American Flag on the package with the words-

“Made for the U.S.A.”

which could easily be mistaken for “Made in the U.S.A.” Obviously, the brand was trying to be deceptive with their customers.

»A Chinese filter company has taken our website address and changed one letter to compete. We are flattered that they like our web address but, again, are obviously trying to be deceptive.

To sum up, we feel that the competition in string wound filter manufacturing is generally unfair and, sometimes, downright deceptive. To those true “Made in the U.S.A.” manufacturers that we compete with, we salute you and always look forward to a fair, competitive environment. This is NOT true with some of the “Name Brands”.

MICRON wants to keep AMERICANS working, not China workers. We use only FDA compliant materials that are made in the U.S.A and operate our plant under strictest GMP guidelines. We are always willing to compare our filter’s quality and performance to any manufacture and are very confident that we are the best!

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